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Video walk

Customers get the impression of actually walking through the store, while the consultant is heading to the selected product

Product demonstration

The consultant is able to make a full live presentation of the selected product, disclosing every detail and the customer is actually looking through his eyes


After the product demonstration, the consultant is back on his desk, navigating the customer, helping him to choose the right offer

Instant Messaging

Consultant can even fill the product order form while the customer is watching in real time, so text chat can be used to exchange useful information during the booking and/or payment process.

How It Works?

Utilize the free time for the in-door consultant to service on-line customers

  1. Enable your on-line store via adding a simple code snippet to the products
  2. Appoint in-door consultants to receive customer calls
  3. Consultants will directly answer video call requests and will make assist customer with product demonstrations
  4. Customers receive guidance by the consultants with completing an on-line purchase
  5. Supervisors monitor performance from a dedicated console

Real-time Connection

DigiNovo empowers sales agents to become virtual consultants, enabling them to render the same level of service to both physical and online clients. We bring new life to the online real estate shopping experience, providing personalized services allowing purchasing decisions to be made faster by interested local and remote customers.


Higher sales and conversion rates
Higher average order value
Higher cross-selling
More sales opportunities
Customer satisfaction
Customer loyalty

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